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Ticket: ead7a34e1d590a549d4ec64c198f662d80665609
Atangle fails to extract code
User & Date: anonymous 2014-12-23 10:40:16

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    Platform details

    Windows 7 64 bit SP1 Intel i7 16GB RAM

    Tried to extract code from document "The mpssespi Package" with

    atangle.exe mpssespi.pdf

    The following is the result.

    C:\Users\uma01\Desktop\CODE\FTDI\TCL>atangle.exe mpssespi.pdf no root chunk definition of, <<*>>=, was found no root chunk definition of, <<*>>=, was found while executing "error "no root chunk definition of, <<$root>>=, was found"" (class "::atangle::tangler" method "tangle" line 12) invoked from within "t tangle $ochan $root" (procedure "::atangle::main" line 33) invoked from within "atangle main" (file "C:/Users/uma01/Desktop/CODE/FTDI/TCL/atangle.exe/lib/application/atan gle.tcl" line 282) invoked from within "source $startup" (file "C:/Users/uma01/Desktop/CODE/FTDI/TCL/atangle.exe/main.tcl" line 38)

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