asciidoc literate programming
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Asciidoc is a plain text markup tool that can produce a wide variety of outputs. It is also very suitable for use in a literate programming environment. The atangle and aweave programs are literate programming tools for use with asciidoc. What is different about using asciidoc as a literate programming base, is that the source is a valid asciidoc document and can be formatted on it own. Atangle is used to extract source code from the document. Aweave adds some annotation and indexing information to the orignal asciidoc source. Aweave is optional and its use is now deprecated. Both atangle and aweave use noweb style chunk definitions. The documention describes the format. The only key point to remember is that source code in asciidoc is contained between lines of four or more hyphens.

A source code block.
Chunk definitions must be located within source code blocks.
// Defines the "search" chunk.
// References the "found" chunk.
The programs can be obtained from the downloads page.