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Date: 2019-10-31 21:04:07
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Bosal Downloads

The current version of bosal is 1.2.2.


Bosal executables are available for two major platforms. These executables are, in Tcl terms, starpacks. They are single file executables with no external dependencies.


Installation of bosal means downloading the file and placing it in a directory that is in the path of the command shell you will use to invoke micca.

To uninstall, simply delete the executable.

Header File

Included with the executables is the header file needed to compile bosal generated code. By invoking bosal with the appropriate command line option, a copy of the header file will be placed in the current directory:

    $ bosal -header

will create the file:

in the current directory. This technique insures that the header file is compatible with the current version of bosal and you should extract a new header file when you update your version of bosal.

This file should be placed so that its is available to compile and link a bosal test harness.